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We are not your father's Rotary Club!

Mission/Vision Statement:  The Durango Daybreak Rotary Club, through its members, works to identify and execute “hands-on” projects that benefit its members and peoples within our local and regional communities. These projects strive to: 1) promote economic and community development for those who are disadvantaged; 2) create and provide opportunities to expand and promote literacy and education; 3) implement sustainable tools, water and sanitation systems; 4) creates and fosters peace and understanding, and 5) create connections and friendships among people with shared ideas and a goal to make a difference. We believe that the smallest act, goes such a long way.


When you're greeted for membership, these are things we want you to know:

We don't charge members for meals each week. Instead we serve coffee and tea and celebrate sunrise over Durango!

We are proud of the fact that by being an inexpensive service club, we attract quality community leaders into our blend of active community based leaders.

We encourage educators, the business community, non profit directors and retired individuals to join us.  We think this makes for a more diverse membership with a strong giving mentality whether it be with a financial hand up or direct service.

Folks around the area regard our club as a very active hands-on oriented club. If you are interested, find one of our members for details or stop by to see us in action at one of our Wednesday morning meetings.

We will be glad to show you what we are about!  The coffee is always hot, tasty and local!

Classifications of our members.  We are actively soliciting new classifications of members as one of our premises is that through the power of acquaintance, trust in business transactions follows.

General accounting, financial and tax accounting: 4

Physicans, Medical: 1

Engineers:  2

Manufacturing:  3

Educators:  3

Geologists: 1

Commercial Banking:  2

Legal Profession: 3

Government: 1

Insurance and investments:  1

Cleaning services:  1

Nursing:  1

Occupational Therapy:  1 

Property management services: 2

Home and flooring:  1

Natural gas industry:  1 

News and press:  1

Communications and PR:  3

Tool and equipment rental:  2

Small business advisors:  1 

Solid waste management:  1  

Retired but engaged in social and community improvement:  14